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Dolmetscher- und
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Welcome to the Dolmetscher- und Übersetzer-Forum Münster!

The Dolmetscher- und Übersetzer-Forum (DÜF) Münster, Germany, is a regional and independent network of freelance interpreters and translators which was founded in March 2007. All colleagues participating in this network are qualified interpreters and translators specializing in specific subject areas (such as law, economics, marketing, medicine, pharmaceuticals, technology etc.). Moreover, most colleagues are registered in court. The interpreters and translators of the DÜF work at their own risk and on their own account.

What does the DÜF offer?

The DÜF interpreters and translators offer interpreting and translating services in various language combinations. Moreover, the DÜF members also offer related language services such as proofreading and editing, teaching or project work. We are more than happy to work together cooperatively on larger projects in order to complete translations in due time or conduct translations into several languages. Our offered language diversity includes Arabic, Chinese, Czech, English, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish.

Our extensive translation services include, for example, certified documents (diplomas, birth certificates, driving licences, etc.), contracts or advertising texts. As interpreters, we accompany our clients through visits to the public authorities, marriages, visits to doctors, company events and trade fairs.

In addition to the colleagues from Münster listed on this site, we can call upon the services of outside qualified interpreters and translators whom we call in on a need basis. All interpreters and translators participating in our network are highly committed to quality assurance in the field of interpreting and translating. High-quality performance as well as reliable completion of assignments on time are for us a matter of course.

Last update: July 2019